Potential Blog Posts in 2023 and Beyond

One of my plans for 2023 is to spend more time writing in public. In my job, I spend a lot of time writing and coaching / guiding people through a variety of the topics below. In my opinion, either the answers to the questions that I have are hard to find or they are overly aligned with certain engineering organizational philosophies.

I don’t think that I’ll get through all of these topics, but I hope try.

Engineering Topics

  1. Why write PRDs and TRDs?

  2. The Regular Weekly Engineering Update Email

  3. Portfolio Planning and Roadmapping

  4. Fragile: When Teams Are Agile with Supporting Processes

  5. The Role of the Tech Lead

  6. Who should run standups?

  7. Working with Remote Team and OffShore Contractors

  8. What are DORA metrics and how I tried to calculate them

  9. My 49% and 51% Philosophy for Engineers and Teams

  10. Engineering Priorities: Understanding that they are different than Product Priorities

  11. Working Agile: Scrum vs Kanban vs Your Flavor

  12. Setting Up A Quality Team in Your Engineering Team

  13. How I Structure 1on1s with My Reports

  14. How to Handle a Performance Review for Your Engineers

  15. The Problems When Your Engineering Team is Too Large

  16. Splitting up an Engineering Team that is Too Large

  17. Review of CTO Academy’s Digital MBA Program

  18. Who Should Attend Team Reflections

Personal Philosophy Topics

  1. Why I Call Myself A Rugged Optimist

  2. What I Learned From a Several Year Obession with Triathlons

  3. What’s Changed Since I Became a Parent

  4. Systems Thinking and the Role of the Individual in Systems (W. Edward Deming)